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MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt
MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt
MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt
MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt
MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt
MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt

MomiBelt™ - Pregnancy Safety Belt

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You’ll spend hundreds in car seats to protect your baby after it’s born yet unborn babies are at least at 5 times the risk in the car. MomiBelt™ is like an affordable insurance policy that gives you peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your baby during pregnancy.

The MomiBelt™ is designed to be easily installed in seconds on any car seat, to keep you and your baby safe and comfortable and it is approved to use in any country. You’ll never, ever put your baby at increased risk again while you in the car!

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  • 170,000 pregnant women experience car accidents every year
  • 3,000 pregnancies are lost from car accidents every year
  • When a car accident occurs at a speed of 30mph (50km/h) your body facing the pressure of 15 tons which is unbearable for you and your loved baby!

Because traditional car seatbelts pose a threat to the pregnant mother's safety. During an accident, the extreme force exerted onto your belly from the lap belt will be extremely harmful to the unborn baby inside you.

For expectant mothers, the seat belt in its original design does more harm than good. 

Why get the MomiBelt™?

MomiBelt™ is a legally made seatbelt adjuster and unlike traditional vehicle seatbelts, it has been designed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their baby whilst on the road by transforming the traditional seatbelt into a 3-point lap sash - a seatbelt configuration recommended for pregnant women.

It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or traffic accident. The MimiBelt™ reduces the risk of the unborn child’s injury in the case of a car accident. 

Is MomiBelt™ Safe? 

Through multiple design iteration improvements and crash-tests, the MomiBelt™ has shown that it reduces the chances of lost pregnancies in car accidents by over 82.7% compared to regular traditional seatbelts.

While using Our Seatbelt Adjuster for Pregnancy, the device ensures that the lower belt does not press the belly through a 3-point lap sash configuration, allowing for a comfortable and safe drive for the expectant mother.

It can also be used by people with abdominal obesity or sensitive bellies from any medical surgeries.

Easy Installation Instructions

The MomiBelt™ is designed to fit all car seats and it is very easy to install in seconds and it can be done by anyone!

  1. The adjuster's belt should be pulled through the gap between the seat and the backrest
  2. Then the belt should be pulled underneath the seat, ensuring that the belt is not twisted
  3. The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle respectively
  4. The belt should be tightened securely by pulling it downwards

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